Personal career

Professional timeline

For the last few years


Belorussian Triathlon Federation

Since the 2016 Anton became an athlete in Belorussian Triathlon Federation.


#XCD Exceed yourself team

Team’s Website

Since the year 2014 Anton entered to the Belgian professional team Flanders Pro Triathlete and it’s club “#XCD Exceed yourself”.

This club corresponds as a team of triathletes with a different level - from professional to amateur. There are 7 athletes in the first team of a club, and the amateurs with a limit of 50 persons. Activity of the club spreads around the Belgium and all over the countries.

The #XCD club simultaneously renders services with giving the high quality coaching for amateurs.

2012 - 2013

“” team club

Since 2012 to 2013 Anton confirmed the offer of Russian partners and became a member of professional Russian multisport team of the “” club.


of professional career

Since the beginning of Anton’s professional career he represents himself as an independent professional athlete and proves his level by showing high results on the international races year by year.